Renters insurance in Dallas, Gastonia and throughout the Gaston County area.

When you rent or lease, your landlord’s insurance usually only protects the building itself — not your personal belongings. We’ll design coverage to protect your personal property and your lifestyle while renting.

When you rent an apartment, your landlord will normally be responsible for the insurance necessary to protect against damage to the building itself, but it’s up to you to protect your possessions.

How can renters insurance protect you?

Use the yellow hot spots and explore how renters insurance can help protect against common risks.

Renters insurance covers against damage or loss from burglaries, along with loss from events such as fires, certain types of water damage and more. Be sure to check your renters insurance coverage details–there will usually be both an overall limit on the payout and a maximum amount for any one renters insurance claim.

You may also get a payment toward temporary accommodation if the rental property is uninhabitable after one of the events the renters insurance policy covers.

Some policies also include liability coverage that could pay out if you accidentally damage the rental property itself or if somebody is injured while visiting you at your apartment.

Remember, even if you park a vehicle on the rental property itself, your car usually won’t be covered by renters insurance.

If you rent an apartment, you need renters insurance. We’d be happy to walk you through the options to ensure you have the insurance coverage and protection you need.

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